Q1.  What are Official Transcripts?

It means they must arrive in an envelope sealed and signed (often with a stamp) by the issuing institution.
Personal copies, even if they are your original documentation, are considered unofficial. Materials sent as email attachments are also considered unofficial and in some cases, are not even opened.

Q2.  How to procure and send Letters of Recommendation?

Your letters should come from a) supervisors who know your professional work or b) faculty who know your academic abilities. A mix of the two is best.

Avoid letters from friends, family and personal colleagues. Regardless how your providers choose to submit, you’ll need to enter the following into the

"Recommendations"section of the online application:

- Provider’s name

- Contact information

Your online providers will receive an email with instructions for submitting their recommendation.

You have to send the LORs ONLINE.

Q3.  How to write a Personal Statement?

The personal statement is one of the most important components of your application. Your personal statement is your chance to tell YOUR unique story. Few Dos and DONTs:
-Explain why you chose the program you’re applying to. The Bloomberg School offers nine degrees from ten academic departments, as well as fellowships, certificates and institute classes. You should explain why you think the specific program you selected is a good fit and how the Bloomberg School will advance and help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

-Discuss how your professional background/research/academic training relates to your public health goals. Address the evolution of your interest in public health and your hopes and aspirations within the field.
-Simply list your experience. Keep in mind that your application is reviewed holistically, so the committee can see where you went to school and what jobs you’ve held by your transcripts and resume. Tell them how your experience has made you passionate about public health.
Keep your statement to less than three pages and make sure your name is at the top of each page. Beyond that, there are no formatting requirements. Use your best judgment. Maybe consider using an easy to read font sized between 10 and 12 pts. Also think about double-spacing your statement.
Your reviewers will enjoy reading focused and legible statements.

Q4.  What is document credentialing?

Document credentialing means, evaluation of the transcripts / mark sheets by U.S. based evaluating agencies.
a. Is document credentialing mandatory?

Yes. It is mandatory because applying to a U.S. university is a competitive process. Having a credential evaluation by an evaluating agency makes it easier for admissions officers to understand the applicant’s degrees, courses and grades in U.S. terms. Evaluating Agency verifies documents for authenticity and adheres to the submission standards used in U.S to help ensure that academic records are accurate and valid.

b. Which are the credentialing agencies available?

Bowling Green Station
PO Box 5087 New York,
NY 10274 USA 212-966-6311

c. What will course by course evaluation provide?

- Identifies and describes each diploma or certificate
- Indicates the periods of education
- Provides a U.S. equivalency for each document
- Lists all courses (subjects) with U.S. semester credits
- Gives a grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale

Q5.  Is GRE/GMAT score necessary for applying in MPH program?

Yes GRE/GMAT score is necessary.
For the present batch / cohort special wavier have been issued for considering the application for selection process. In following conditions the applicant may apply without a GRE/GMAT score
- Master’s degree and above
- Graduate degree in Medicine: MBBS (In either case, documents should clearly demonstrate sig¬nificant quantitative and analytical skills)

Q6.  TOEFL/IELTS score necessary for applying in the MPH program?

Yes for all the applicants. Applicants should first check the quick reference country list to confirm if they need to submit a TOEFL or an IELTS score.
However for this batch following waivers have been issued:

- A medical doctor with MBBS degree from India.
- Entire college instruction was primarily taught in English

Q7.  Does the MPH program at IIHMR provide scholarship?

IIHMR University provides ‘ International Travel Scholarship’ to all admitted students.

Q8.  Is this a distance learning program or a full time program?

MPH is a full time degree program of 2 years in five terms (1 year) of onsite, online classes and capstone work and one year of practical experience at place of work (which could be completed earlier also) totaling 80 credits.

Q9.  What are the job prospects after the completion of the program?

The candidate is eligible to work in various organizations after the completion of the program. Government, National and International Non Governmental Organizations, United Nation Agencies and Consultancies and so on…. are the prospective places where the students may aim to get placed after completion of the program.

Q10.  Is the degree accepted globally?

Yes, the degree will be accepted globally.

Q11.  Will the institute facilitate job opportunities/ guidance to the students of MPH program?

Yes. The faculty from the institute will provide continuous guidance and facilitation to the students for the placement after the degree is completed.

Q12.  Who will award the degree after completion of the program?

The degree will be awarded by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA in cooperation with Indian Institute of Health Management Research, India.


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