MPH JHU-IIHMR Alumni Reena Anthonyraj, Podcast, hosted by: PH SPOT(community for public health career)
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  • How Reena found her way into public health from her time working as a dentist at a public hospital in Mumbai
  • Questions to ask yourself to determine why you want to work in public health
  • Factors to consider when choosing which program or school to complete your degree in
  • A brief overview and good aspects of the Cooperative MPH program between Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Indian Institute of Health Management Research
  • Ways you can work in public health without having a dedicated degree
  • Why keeping an open mind is just as useful as knowing which specific area in public health you want to work in

In her journey of the last 6 years, she has gained significant international experience in community engagement, applied research, and the development as well as management of evidence-informed programs. She was awarded the prestigious Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship in 2017 for a research fellowship at the University of Montreal, to develop an evidence-informed framework for tobacco prevention in Indian urban schools, based on Canadian best practices in school health promotion.


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