Program Fees Structure

The Total tuition fee is US Dollar 22,000 (To be remitted to JHU US$ 12,000, and IIHMR US $ 10,000 or INR equivalent). This sum includes the cost of all tuition expenses and course materials related to the program. IIHMR provides ‘Travel and Lodging Scholarships to students admitted in the program for attending the intensive institute of two weeks in USA on the JHU Baltimore campus.

Schedule of Payments

MPH Cohort 9


Fees payable at IIHMR University

Due Date

Fees payable at Johns Hopkins University

Due Date*



First Installment

7500/- USD

September 30, 2021

6000/- USD

To be announced by JHU

Second Installment

2500/- USD

April 1, 2022

6000/- USD

To be announced by JHU

* Students will be able to see these dates in the SIS (Student Information System) portal at JHU.